Practical help on all rites of passage

Based in the UK, we can help and support you with all rites of passage, including:

  • Baby namings
  • Coming of age ceremonies
  • Handfastings
  • Wedding blessings
  • Eldership ceremonies
  • Non-religious and secular funerals
  • Spiritual funeral ceremonies, including nature-based
  • Woodland burials
  • Memorials and celebrations of life

Whatever the occasion, we’ll make sure your ritual meets all your needs and achieves your goals.

LifeRites discourages personal ego — thus we serve.

Professional and personal

LifeRites provides professionally trained celebrants who will work with you to put together a unique and personal ceremony. You are then welcome to conduct the ritual yourself or hire one of our celebrants to facilitate it if you prefer. We are happy to be there to whatever level suits you best.
We are a not-for-profit organisation. Our motivation is the ethos ‘thus we serve’. Our work is a vocation, placing you firmly at the heart of everything we do.
We mainly work with people who:

  • need assistance to explore a specific rite of passage in order to create a ceremony which will truthfully reflect their own spirituality,
  • walk a solo spiritual path, so have no one to officiate at their rites of passage,
  • seek to affirm their life and death in a personal and meaningful manner,
  • have become alienated from their group, organisation, or faith community,
  • have a sexual orientation or marital status which leads them to seek spiritual support outside their own faith community.

We welcome enquiries anyone who needs our help, for whatever reason. We’re here to make sure you experience the rituals you need in the way you want.


Presenting a professional approach in line with our code of practice

A professional approach

Pursuing training to gain appropriate skills for our roles.


The work our members do is valuable and will ask for suitable and due fee (on a par with other similar organisations, e.g. Humanist, Christian).

A valuable service

LifeRites discourages personal ego — thus we serve.


LifeRites respects the beliefs and wishes of the individual but understands that we are not part of their family (especially in bereavement).


As supportive professionals we accept that our clients’ decisions are not ours, and will accede to those choices where appropriate.


LifeRites demands the highest standards of courtesy, regard and gentleness in all aspects of our work.


Our aim is to work with integrity and openness within these principles.