There are many people who want to use ritual to celebrate the important times in their life and death but feel they can’t because they are not a member of an organised religion or aren’t supported by their religion for whatever reason.

LifeRites was established with the express intention of helping individuals create and experience meaningful rituals, whatever their background. We believe in equality and celebrate cultural and spirituality diversity.

Our aim is to serve the needs of anyone who seeks to affirm their life and death in a personal and individual manner by providing practical advice, guidance and support on rites of passage and life celebrations. We empower people so they can carry out rituals for themselves if they choose or with assistance from our Ministers and Celebrants if required.

LifeRites respects the individual’s spiritual beliefs without judgement. We work with you when creating your rituals. Although we provide suggestions and input, you always have the final say over the structure of your ceremony. This is your celebration.

We believe in equality and celebrate cultural and spirituality diversity

We have a national network of registered celebrants and officiants available to conduct and advise on ceremonies. If we are unable to assist you for whatever reason, we will always try to refer you to an organisation that can.
LifeRites also has registered interactive workers who work with the terminally ill and their carers to provide a listening ear and non-medical support in the last days, and End of Life Transition Guides who will work with the family and terminally ill person from the time they are called in until the funeral and afterwards for a while.

We provide a wide range of courses and workshops for everyone who works with us. This includes our celebrants course, as well as courses aimed at end-of-life midwives/doulas, and End of Life Transition Guides.  If someone needs further training that we can’t provide ‘in house’, we will refer them on to the relevant accredited bodies.

LifeRites publishes newsletters and a magazine so that subscribers can be kept up to date with our work, as well as providing the chance for members to be able to have their say. In addition, we have a series of information leaflets covering Rites of Passage and Life Celebrations which are regularly updated to reflect current practices and information.

LifeRites is a non-profit making organisation. We believe passionately that our focus should be on the vocational work that we do. Our celebrants’ charges are calculated as per our ceremonies tariff and other expenses, such as travel, are made on a case by case basis.
LifeRites as an organisation is funded by annual subscription and donations. Monies received are used to defray administrative, training, and associated costs.

LifeRites discourages personal ego. This is why our motto is “thus we serve”. We hold four basic principles as the foundation of everything we do:

  • Professionalism
  • Service
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

We acknowledge your right and ability to perform your own ceremonies if you choose and, indeed, actively encourages you to do so. If you decide that you need the services of a registered celebrant, officiant or interactive worker, you can rest assured that all our members are expected to present a professional approach at all times in line with our code of practice, as well as pursue training to gain all the necessary skills for their role.
LifeRites believes that the professional work our members do is valuable. Our fees are calculated to be on a par with other similar organisations, e.g. Humanist, Christian, but if you feel that you cannot afford our fees, please do contact us and we may be able to help, depending on circumstances.
We advocate supervision over all aspects of our work. Constructive criticism and positive feedback are built into our celebrancy course, since we believe that this is the best way to improve personal practice. Our celebrants are encouraged to seek support from their fellow LifeRites’ members and newly qualified celebrants are mentored by the more experienced to make sure they get the support they need to provide the best service possible.
LifeRites respects the beliefs and wishes of the individual but understands that we are not part of their family (especially in bereavement). As supportive professionals, we accept that our clients’ decisions are not ours to make. We will provide guidance and information, but ultimately, we will follow your decisions as much as possible.
Above all, we demand the highest standards of courtesy, regard and gentleness from our members at all times. Our aim is to work with integrity and openness within our principles.

Our aim is to work with integrity and openness within our principles.