LifeRites Foundation course was established in 1996 and this year, in September 2017, the LifeRites Celebrant Course reached  its’ majority 21 years training celebrants and still going strong!

Our Celebrants are all over the world, and many of them are still with us conducting fantastic ceremonies.

In 1998 LifeRites course module in Death and Dying was included in as part of the Masters degree course on Death and Dying. And The London School of Economics have invited us on a number of occasions to bring our expertise to the table and participate in discussions and talks.

We believe there are many people who class themselves as non-religious and others who do not wish to hang a title on their beliefs or spirituality, while some do not know that there is an alternative to the traditional way of dealing with rites of passage.

LifeRites celebrants believe in honouring all cultural beliefs, spiritual paths and lifestyles, and in doing so we enable those who are looking to find someone to fill the gap between Organised religion and humanism. We also work with differing religious beliefs often writing ceremonies that embrace and include more than one faith.

Our celebrants come from all walks of life often combining their day job with their work as celebrants. What they all share is the desire to empower individuals and families to mark the important times in their lives birth, marriage, death and all other rites of passage in a way that reflects the individual or families personal views on life.

We expect all our celebrants to be of the highest caliber and to work with integrity and openness. Every ceremony they write and conduct will be unique, and from the heart. They must also ascribe to the concepts of LifeRites and our four principles:

  • Professionalism.
  • Service.
  • Respect.
  • Responsibility.