We don’t value our elders as much as we used to. Instead of giving them the respect they deserve, ‘old’ people are put on the scrapheap and ignored.
This is such a waste of invaluable experience!
Our older years are a time of new freedoms and should be celebrated.


Humankind are almost unique in the event of the menopause. The only other species which experiences it is a type of whale! All other mammals have the ability to procreate until the end of their life.
Many women feel that the menopause, whether occurring naturally or brought on by surgery, leaves them incomplete. Now that their childbearing days done, they feel they have lost some of their usefulness.
This is where a rite of passage can be a very positive experience, celebrating all your achievements so far and showing what you has to look forward to now that you children (if you have any) are not so dependent on you. You have so many life experiences to draw upon and so much to look forward to – you should rejoice in this!

What about men?

Just as with adolescence, men don’t have a specific marker that determines when he’s entered into the eldership stage of his life. However, you may well still want to celebrate your maturity. After all, the passage from father to elder is no less important than that of a woman, it’s just more difficult to pinpoint.

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