Death has become a taboo subject in Western society, and we have become divorced from its meaning. Most people have not even thought about making a Will which could mean that their loved ones get nothing after their death.

Funerals need not be morbid affairs, but allow the friends and relatives a chance to say goodbye and remember the life that has been lived.

Woodland and DIY Burials are becoming more popular as many people want to reduce the impact on the environment that a permanent memorial may have.

Can Anyone Conduct a Funeral?

Yes, if it is to be conducted in a crematorium or woodland burial ground. Obviously if the funeral is to be conducted within the sacred houses of established religions then a minister from that path will be required to conduct the ceremony.

The funeral service may be conducted by friends and family if it is so wished and LifeRites will be happy to provide support and guidance to enable you to do this or to provide a Celebrant if you would prefer.

Woodland Burials

A Green Burial is one where the body is buried on land that is managed so that it is attractive to wildlife and sustainable flora. In many of these sites, a tree is planted instead of a headstone. The idea behind this is that as time passes, the site will be transformed into woodland and the creation of a self-supporting eco-system.

D.I.Y. Burials

Contrary to popular belief, you are not forced to use a funeral director. Whilst they may have the professional experience, some relatives may feel that they wish to perform this service themselves. LifeRites can offer assistance and advice on what needs to be done and can provide an experienced celebrant to conduct the ceremony if required.

Further Information

LifeRites has a network of Registered Celebrants who will be happy to conduct and/or advise on specific or general ceremonies where the individual does not wish to do this themselves. If you wish to request this service, please contact us, giving as much information as to your spiritual path (if appropriate), location and date of the ceremony.

Please contact Liferites LifeRites for:

  • information on woodland burial sites
  • examples of funeral poetry.
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