Project Description

Student may work to achieve Certificates in all of Life Ceremonies and/or End of Life Ceremonies.

Celebrancy Training

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This training is to Celebrant level, and our goal is to mark the most significant milestones in a person’s life and learn how  to make each ceremony beautiful, meaningful and memorable.

Life Ceremonies

The course comprises of three modules

Module 1.

Ethical, legal and health and Safety requirements

* Demonstrates how to work with a client empowering them and helping them to achieve their cultural, social, spiritual, or non spiritual needs

* The current legal limitations with regard to non statutory ceremonies.

* Potential risks and lone worker procedures

* The importance of Health and Safely and PL insurance

* Additional legislation and legal requirements for Celebrants

* Simple accountancy

* Discussion and Solutions.

Module 2.

Naming ceremony

* The importance of the Name

* The individuality of the child/baby

* A transgender Naming Ceremony

* The possible roles of guests or god parents

* Gathering information

* Additional information required for adult ceremony

* Writing and performing a ceremony with assistance from peers

Module 3.

Handfasting/Wedding blessings

* The present legal situation with regard to Marriage/Civil Partnership

* Spirituality and Secular approaches

* Information to assist your clients

* Historical information on these and links to the church

* The importance of the Bride and Grooms vision

* Gathering information

* Writing and performing a handfasting ceremony with assistance from Peers

Additional ceremonies may be covered .

A few examples are:

Becoming a Sage, House Blessings, Separation ceremonies

End of Life Ceremonies

Again comprising of three modules the course covers;

Module 1.

* The responsibilities of key organisations within the Funeral industry

* The protocols currently in use within the industry and terminology

* The difference between ceremonies organised by a Funeral Director and Home/Family led funerals

* The characteristics of Cremation and Burial

* The pre-funeral plan (financial and clients wishes)

* Understanding Grief and its affects

Module 2.

* Arranging an interview with the bereaved person and Gathering information,

* The use of appropriate body language, tone, and speech

* The range of funeral services available

* The range of coffins and other funeral hardware available to the client

* Appropriate and accepted traditional behaviour at funerals

* The importance of unique Funeral Scripts for a burial and a cremation

Module 3

* Order of Service requirements

* Write funeral ceremony taking into account clients spirituality or non-spirituality.

* Time management

* The Eulogy

* Managing Funeral Tributes

* Delivery scripts to presentation scripts

* The role of the Celebrant/Minister

* Post funeral ceremonies

* e.g. memorial, or ashes ceremonies.

Additional ceremonies

Examples are : Organising the vigil, and preparing the body as required by client

Bedside To Graveside

Entry requirements: Celebrancy Foundation Certificate

This is very practical course which runs over 6 weekends.

We believe that if you are going to do work with the dying and the dead you should have a full understanding of the entire process.

Each weekend costs £220 – However by arrangement this course can be paid each month one month in advance

The first payment of £220 will be the deposit and must be received no later than 4 weeks in advance of the start of the course.

Weekend One – Peri Mortum

Module One:

The skills of the End of life Midwife,

Some Subjects covered:

Facing your own mortality

Caring for yourself & the importance of debriefing

Listening to the dying person (or family if unable to respond)

Putting together a death plan – Making a sick room sacred space

Working alongside other professionals

Small acts that make a difference

Weekend 2

Some Subjects covered:

Visit to a mortuary

Understanding conscious dying

The family dynamic and your role

Dealing with last requests

Being there for the dying person and their family

Understanding grief

Weekend 3 – Transition

Some subjects covered:

Visit to a crematorium

Understanding the practical requirements of the dying person

Understanding the spiritual requirements of the dying person

How to honour their wishes

Signs and symptoms of death

Grief and its effects post death

Weekend 4

Some subjects covered:

Talk from a funeral Director their work and requirements

The duties of the psychopomp

Keeping yourself safe and stable

Washing, and dressing the deceased

Keeping the body at home

Weekend 5 – Funerals with or without FD

Some subjects covered

Legal requirements

Advising family on transportation and other requirements

Organising vigil or wake (if required)

Interviewing the family for funeral Ceremony

Gathering information from family and friends

Weekend 6

Some subjects covered

Belt and Braces – Hands on experience

practicalities of dealing with a dead body

Understanding Embalming.

Understanding requirements of organising a funeral

Writing a personalised ceremony

Delivering ceremony



Entry Requirements: Diploma

The Diploma Course comprises distance learning, attendance at professional development weekends, a long weekend of practical study, suitable self-placement with an appropriate agency (e.g. hospice, hospital chaplaincy, registrar, funeral directors, crematorium, etc.) and mentorship with a registered Celebrant.

Assessment is by written components, practical assignments, viva and recommendation of the mentor. Once accepted, there will be a period of probation where they will continue to work with their mentor to refine their skills. The Diploma may be studied over one, two or three years.


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